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Café in Lausanne: 2nd edition of the café crawl

Ah, coffee! That aromatic beverage awakens our senses and gives us the boost we need to face the day. My favourite drink. In all its guises. In Lausanne, coffee (and the café) is more than just a morning drink/place; it’s a way of life, an experience in its own right.

Imagine strolling along the old town’s cobbled streets, with only the alluring aroma of freshly brewed coffee for company. You stop in front of a little café on the corner, drawn by the murmur of lively conversation and the clinking of cups. It’s enough almost to make me leave my beloved Vevey to experience this passion for coffee daily.

Meeting up in Lausanne and its cafés is like a journey, where each cup tells a story. And where each café can tell its own story through an edition of the caféthon.

So the café crawl is back. Admittedly, I’m a little late, since the second edition of the Lausanne café crawl was held in September 2022. But no need to panic, all the cafés mentioned below are still there, ready to be explored (or avoided, depending on your preferences and my opinion) in the capital of Vaud.

So, are you ready to embark on this caffeine adventure?


Unlike our first café crawl adventure, this time we decided to condense the experience into an afternoon rather than a whole day. So we opted for 4 cafés. The sun was out, so we decided to play it seasonal by opting for the essential summer trend: iced coffee.

13 :00 – Ça Passe Crème

First stop: the address that eluded us last time: Ça Passe Crème. Tucked away under the station on the way to the Parc de Milan, Ça Passe Crème is much more than just a café. It’s first and foremost a coffee shop that has become a favourite haunt of Lausanne locals looking for a convivial, gourmet coffee break.

As soon as you cross the threshold, you are warmly welcomed by Steeve and/or Davide, who share their passion for coffee with infectious enthusiasm. The quality of the coffee experience is evident in every detail, from the perfectly prepared drinks to the small card that accompanies each cup, revealing where the coffee comes from and offering a welcome explanatory text.

It’s a real pleasure for coffee lovers to discover the story behind each variety of beans. And let’s face it, it’s not just the coffee that catches the eye either; the stylish decor and warm surroundings create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere, where you immediately feel at ease.

Since our last trip to the café crawl in 2022, I’ve unfortunately not had the opportunity to find a seat at Ça Passe Crème. It has to be said that the establishment has very few seats, which sometimes makes it difficult to sit comfortably. However, a takeaway coffee is just as pleasant and practical in these situations!

All in all, a must for a successful coffee break in Lausanne!

Boulevard de Grancy 49,

1006 Lausanne

14:00 – The Ordinary Man

Once we’d had our first coffee, we eagerly headed for the second on our list: The Ordinary Man.

Back then, it had just opened and was making eyes at me every time I passed it on the picturesque rue du Petit-Chêne. Let’s get straight to the heart of the matter: it’s now one of my favourite addresses in Lausanne, just a stone’s throw from the station.

As soon as you walk through the door, a warm and friendly atmosphere envelops you, while the walls adorned with photos by local artists invite you on an artistic journey. It’s a bit like stepping into an art gallery but with the bonus of a steaming cup of coffee in your hands.

And speaking of coffee, let me tell you that Thomas, the master roaster at the helm, is pretty good with caffeine. With talent, he concocts extraordinary beverages from beans roasted on site, offering an unrivalled taste experience. And to accompany these caffeinated delights, don’t miss the many delicious treats on offer.

Rue du Petit-Chêne 28

1003 Lausanne

15:30 – Vaga Bon Café

After a long moment at The Ordinary Man, we headed for a café I already knew: Vaga Bon Café.

Here, the setting is completely different, as we’re heading to Flon, to a space off the beaten track of typical cafés. In a surprising mix of antiques to discover and caffeinated pleasures to enjoy, Vaga Bon Café has taken up residence (and pretty well found its place) in a unique and unexpected space shared with antique dealers.

In the heart of Flon, surrounded by vintage furniture and period objects, this establishment offers much more than just a coffee. Each cup, meticulously selected and roasted in a workshop nestled in the heart of the Lavaux vineyards by the two owners, reveals a unique aromatic universe, in perfect harmony with the seasons and the preferences of each individual.

In this unique setting, customers are invited to choose their coffee and enjoy it peacefully, nestled in retro armchairs or on mismatched chairs. The eclectic contrast of the furniture adds a touch of originality to this café, giving it an undeniable charm.

I appreciate the warm and welcoming atmosphere. However, my café crawl companion was not quite as enchanted. For her taste, the coffee was a bit ordinary. After all, everyone’s taste buds have their preferences, don’t they?

Rue des Côtes-de-Montbenon 14

1003 Lausanne

17:00 – Deli Social

Cafés are a rarity in Lausanne’s Tunnel district, but of the few that exist, the Deli Social seemed to stand out for its innovative concept, combining catering, experimentation and learning.

The very name of the café promises a social experience, but sometimes the reality can disappoint. Despite the tempting aesthetics of its iced coffees, which flooded social networks with their elegance, the taste failed to live up to expectations. I was disappointed by the blandness of my coffee, to the point of wondering whether I wasn’t simply drinking water. Maybe it was just a simple misadventure, but it was enough to make me never consider returning to this address again.

Despite this, Deli Social stands out for its bright ambience, which floods the space with a soft clarity, contrasting with the cold, metallic layout of the interior. But this brightness isn’t enough to warm up the overall experience.

Fortunately, Deli Social also offers opportunities for culinary exploration and learning through its workshops and events. Perhaps I’ll give it a second chance in the future, hoping to discover another aspect of this place.

Place du Tunnel 11

1005 Lausanne

I conclude this article with my list, albeit not exhaustive, of the cafés I enjoy in Lausanne.

Knowing my passion for coffee and nice cafés, this list will only grow as I discover the wealth of options available in the city. Fortunately, I’ll be updating it from time to time.

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