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The Romantic Road, an enchanting road trip in Germany

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The Romantic Road, an enchanting road trip in Germany

From the vineyards of Franconia to the first foothills of the Bavarian Alps, the Romantic Road is a lovely trail that meanders among the most authentic and historic German towns for approximately 400 kilometres.

It is the most renowned and valued itinerary in Germany and whether we are foreigners or native Germans, we all have the same feeling: an impression of going back in time to discover the rich history of that region and its culture. All of that is pleasantly accompanied by landscapes which change over the crossed territories: vineyards, countryside, meadows, forests, and to conclude marvellously the journey, the Bavarian mountains.

From Lower Franconia in Würtzburg to the south of Bavaria in Füssen, gateway to the prestigious castles of Ludwig II of Bavaria, let yourself be guided by one of the most charming roads in Europe.

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